Hydrobiology – english description

About course

Hydrobiology is a course of study with English as the language of lecture. This course is for people that are interested in water biology who want to develop their interest in the animate world in the hydrosphere. The studies include knowledge of water biology, based on biology, ecology, molecular biology, chemistry and geography. During classes in the laboratory, in the field and during lectures, the student will learn about the animate and inanimate components of waters, in relation to the types of water bodies and the areas in which they occur.

You'll learn:

recognize aquatic species of plants, animals and fungi, principles of the functioning of water ecosystems, planning and carrying out laboratory and field work, monitoring the water environment, assessing its quality and condition, ways to protect and revitalize aquatic ecosystems.

Examples of items:

Ecology of water environment, Global water resources, Hydrozoology of vertebrates, Water chemistry, Cell biology, Hydrobotany (hydrobotany), Climatology

Our graduates will find employment as:

lab technicians, specialists in the field of nature education, academics of universities, owners and employees of companies and institutions carrying out tasks related to the protection of nature and the environment.

Profile of studies:

general academic





Eligibility criteria - group I:

biology chemistry modern foreign language: English maths

Eligibility criteria - group II:

physics and astronomy / physics geography Informatics

Eligibility criteria - group III:

any item

Additional information:

Students can use modern, specialized research equipment of the Center of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (CBMiB) and the Mobile Center for Ecological Education and Environmental Monitoring (PotamON).